Logging of Drive Parameters


for the logging and visualization of drive parameters (measurements) I have some questions for TrueNAS SCALE:

  • Is it possible to combine all drive temperatures into a single diagram (instead of one diagram per drive) under “Reporting”?
  • Is it possible to visualize other S.M.A.R.T. values (like information about TBW for SSDs) as diagram?
  • Is it possible to log all the S.M.A.R.T. values into a database to see how the values changed over time?
  • Is it possible for TrueNAS SCALE to show all drive temperatures on the Dashboard (as table or diagram)?

If TrueNAS SCALE cannot fulfill my wishes from above, are there any scripts existing for such topics?

Under Storage => Disks it is possible to start manual tests on a drive (in other words [S.M.A.R.T. Short and Long Self-Test as well as the Conveyance Test. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to also add a point for a complete burn-in tests in this menu? Then it would be just one click and waiting some days until the results is shown.

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I haven’t checked what actually gets logged, but the creator is open to meaningful suggestions anyway:

Multi-Report does generate a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file and appends data to it each time the script is run. The CSV file can be used with any spreadsheet program, I use Excel myself. It does not record all SMART data, only what I consider important data to have to help diagnose a problem (trend analysis). If you find out that it should record some additional values, let me know and I just need an understanding of how they are useful. I learn as I go.

Multi-Report also has a special feature (switch) which will allow you to run is as often as you desire (I’m thinking once every 10 minutes) to monitor drive temperatures. This will update the CSV file, no email will be sent, however should a temperature value go into alarm status, you will also get an alarm email. There are a few steps to set that up if desired.

This script runs in both CORE and SCALE. Dragonfish has specific instructions to make it (or any script) run from CRON Job.


It would be nice however if you use the iX thinking (what appears to be their thinking), if not alarm, no problems exist.

Right now TrueNAS will not test NVMe drives, but it does monitor for alarms. My little script will run and report the results of SMART tests on NVMe drives.

Hope that helps a little.

If you want to graph temp only. @sretella (on the old forums) created a script that logs drive temps to an influxdb instance which you can then use to graph either on influxdb or import into graphana (which is what I do)

I also use multi_report from @joeschmuck but on a daily basis to keep an eye on the rest of the smart stats and get a daily copy of the config file to my email.

Both scripts have their place. Multi_report is wonderful monitoring overall disk health, whilst the temps script runs really well just monitoring temps (which I run every 5 mins). I actually use home assistant to read all the disk temps, calculate a maximum value and repost that to influxdb and only graph that one. That way I can monitor easily for issues, but drill down to find out where the issue is if it occurs.

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