Manage and view pool "checkpoints" in the GUI

An underutilized, yet very powerful ZFS feature is the pool “checkpoint”.

This is only accessible via the command-line.

The “checkpoint” would be more useful if it could be managed and viewed by the GUI.

Some additional thoughts:

  1. Accessed, managed, and viewed via the pool’s status page
  2. Should be visible in the dashboard and/or pool list page
  3. Perhaps can be “offered” during the import stage, if a user wishes to rollback to a checkpoint?
  4. Perhaps can be incorporated into the “Alerts” if a checkpoint consumes more than X amount of space?

Here is the ticket:
Manage and view pool “checkpoints” in the GUI


I bet less savvy users would confuse it with snapshots and wondr why they have no more space left on their pool.

Tooltips and documentation should clear that up!

* For those who actually read such things.

Would perhaps be good as part of a core → scale migration….


I hate to see these things happen…