Manual ssh connection

Hi, I am trying to setup a manual ssh connection between my dragonfish truenas and my old nas.

I am not sure what I don’t do correctly. I followed the guide on the documentation hub, but I don’t understand what is the “remote host key” that is automatically filled when I press the corresponding button.

It’s the “public key”[1] (from your previously generated keypair) that you will be sending to the remote server. (I can see why the term “remote host key” can cause confusion.)

  1. If you don’t have the public key locally saved, you can still regenerate it from the private key. TrueNAS uses the terminology “Discover”. ↩︎


Well, I have created a keypair and selected it in the ssh connection settings. But then, when I press discover, this remote host key is different form the public key of the selected keypair. That’s what confuses me.