Maybe support local target rsync?


I wondering why there is no such local backup feature in DataProtection/Rsync.

Feature descibe:

Add local path mode for Rsync Task feature.

Reason for this sugest:

  • Cron jon can’t recognized as backup task.
  • Install rsyncd localy with module is overhead

My work around is setup a cron job, But because recognized issue, The backup wiget or TrueNAS think there is no any protect of data.

What advantage does this gain as opposed to just using ZFS snapshots?

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  1. It’s a fallover not a fully snapshot
  2. Snapshot is not working offline
  3. Snapshot is not human readable

TrueNAS snapshots require a fully function system, In extrema case: If everything break, Move the fallover disk to another PC, Then read it. Not everyone goes enterprise, The fallover is mean data already has many layer backup or just not that important. Use plain rsync as a cheap replacement of snapshot and it’s invisiable cost ( Recovery need a brand new server and samesize disks) which is too much.

I think you are losing a lot in translating what you mean or you really don’t understand ZFS file systems, snapshots, etc.

If you just want a simple copy of data (not zfs protected), you can just share (SMB) to a Windows computer and use Robocopy command to copy, purge deleted files, etc to the Windows computer. You can even plug in a usb hard drive, do the Robocopy with the options you want and then disconnect the usb drive and take it somewhere else.

Browse the documents section linked. There is a ZFS primer etc. TrueNAS might not be the correct choice for what you are looking for in a NAS.