Mineos - update jail

Hi am running a mineos server for my kids on my Trunas Core
up to 1.20.4 there was no problem. Now with 1.20.5 and .6 as far as I understand that i need Java 21?
my jail is very old and seems to be runing very outdated version of FREEBSD and i also cannot update java.
Could some one please help?

You must bring FreeBSD in the jail to 13.2 which is the lowest currently supported release. For anything older packages are no longer provided - that’s why you cannot upgrade anything else in that jail.

Now to be able to run a FreeBSD 13.2 jail your host needs to run TrueNAS CORE 13.0 (-U6.1 recommended). Does it?

Probably best would be - assuming you are running a current TN CORE - to create a new FreeBSD 13.2 jail, then follow this procedure to install mineos:

You might need to adapt a bit - the instructions are sometimes a bit outdated so some package might have to be replaced with a newer version. But generally I was always able to more or less follow through.

There’s also this resource by @victor which might be much easier - I never tried it:

Once you have MineOS up and running simply copy over the server directory. That’s not difficult but if necessary I can assist.

Most important: don’t bother to try the plugin, create a standard VNET jail without NAT bridged to your local network, then try to get MineOS up and running.


well that is the problem. The repo that this was installed from doesn’t exist and its not updating. I cannot update the jail.
My freenas is up-to-date.
Every other jail is on 13.1 or 13.2

i cannot update this jail… i get error about mine.json
I don’t want to install a new jail as my kids have their worlds saved on current server

Plugins are dead. Create a new standard jail, preferrably with @victor’s script.

Someone recently reported the script not working because of node16 EOL. Unfortunately the script doesn’t really work with any higher versions of node.

He did post a workaround to get node16 to build on the git repo though.

Script updated. Should work now.

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Wouldn’t node 20 be a better choice? Support for 21 ends in June.

The npm command isn’t actually necessary when using the yarn add command.

I can’t get the servers to start though. Is there anything special one has to do to start a server? Some error about a jar file pops up, so I downloaded the Spigot build files and selected them, but I’ll have to check the logs to see what’s going on.

hmm … I am struggling to understand? Is there no way to update FreeBSD version on my jail? do i really need to create a new one?

You can try but it will likely break your MineOS …

Would be nice if someone gave the script a spin…