Scripted MineOS Installation (TrueNAS CORE)

Scripted Installation of MineOS for TrueNAS CORE

This script will create a jail, install MineOS, and mount the data outside the jail, making it easy to rebuild the jail without losing your data.

Reinstall is supported. The script will just install overtop of your data files and should pick them up again.
You will just need to Refresh Server List once logged in.

I do not use MineOS, but thought I would compile this for those that do. I have pieced together the commands in this script from many differing tutorials, and finally found a working solution.

Instructions and downloads are at

Having some issues with this script. I can get it to install fine using yarn as opposed to node.

The issue is that I can’t really start any servers. Could someone confirm that the install is working for them?

Made an account just for this.
I managed to install via the script - UI boots up and everything
Attempted to make a server using a paper jar file, and start button seems to be nonfunctional. it doesnt appear to start anything. Any ideas? To me it seems like java may not be working - even tried with a different server jar…

Edit: started the server via shell using “java -jar [server].jar” and it works perfectly fine. issue is probably with MineOS, although unsure where :thinking:

I installed openjdk21 (openjdk22 came installed) and swapped the java binary to that. (im using paper 1.20.6) and it DID start, for a moment. The latest.log only displays
[ServerMain/WARN]: [oshi.util.FileUtil] File not found or not readable: /var/run/dmesg.boot
twice, and then it won’t start again.

:pensive: Embarssingly enough, i went and redid a recursive allow for my share i made for mineos, for the user im starting the jail with. Now the server works fine… hopefully this helps someone