Move dataset from SCALE to CORE (Downgrade)

Is there easy/documented way to downgrade ZFS pool to CORE?

I have SCALE with some pools that I want to be recognized when I reinstall TrueNAS core.

If you didn’t create a pool checkpoint, then you cannot “downgrade” an upgraded pool.

However, TrueNAS Core 13.3 is going to be released soon, which will have the latest version of OpenZFS. So it should be able to import your pool.

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Is there any way to check for 13.3 CORE progress? I found article it should be released this month but didn’t find anymore info.

This sounds like exactly what I need if it’s capable of importing my pool.

Side question… And I assume answer is “NO”. I have some configs (SAMBA, users, etc) which I can export. Will this config import back into CORE or I better don’t even try and setup everything from scratch?

BETA2 is out now if you care to test it.
TrueNAS CORE 13.3-BETA2 is Now Available

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If you do not “upgrade” the zfs feature set, you can roll back and fourth between CORE and SCALE. I do it quite often actually.

I would try TrueNAS 13.3 Beta 2 and see if it works as already recommended. If it does not work and you need/want to roll back and fourth like I do, then I recommend you backup all your data, destroy your pool(s), install TrueNAS 12 and recreate your pool(s). Once done, upgrade to TrueNAS 13 but remember one thing, NEVER upgrade the ZFS Feature Flags or you will be in the same predicament.

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