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I know scale is the primary focus but true Nas core is still around. Could you give us a truenas scale category as well as a trueNas core category?

TrueNAS is the focus. SCALE and CORE, or even their respective versions are tags you can select on your Topic. We are trying to avoid forum bloat like we had in the old system, especially when there are a lot of commonalities between them and you may want to post something relevant to both.

I again beg to differ here. The only real commonality between CORE and SCALE is that both use ZFS for storage and can be controlled by a web UI.

The underlying OS (and thus drivers), the userland commands available, the way applications work (like the network config), etc., are all almost completely different.

This difference even effects users who are just starting out and want information on prospective hardware. For example, the recommendation for CORE was to use Chelsio NICs for 10Gbit. But, for SCALE, the recommendation should be Intel, as the Linux Intel NIC drivers are insanely well tested and optimized.

Also, I already see posts that specifically say “I am running SCALE”, yet are tagged with both SCALE and CORE.

Intel NICs are certainly recommended for CORE as well—except the 2.5 gbE variants.

If the question is about ZFS configuration, the answer generally applies to both CORE and SCALE and warrants double tagging, or “ZFS” tagging, rather than the specific OS the user is on.

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The hardware resource warns against 10Gbit Intel NICs as they don’t have as good a performance on FreeBSD because the driver isn’t as good. The problem is that the resource hasn’t been updated at all for SCALE.

Agreed that ZFS questions should probably be tagged as only “ZFS”.

If you are not interested into SCALE, mute the SCALE tag using the Tracking tab of your profile’s settings.

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