Plex App Mount Host Additional Storage

I know I can do an SMB share here and it would work, but since the Plex App runs on the NAS I was curious what I am doing wrong here that it cant import the library as a additional storage host path.

I have a Plex App in TrueNAS SCALE. Under Additional Storage it looks like this:

I am also have /mnt/pool0/media mapped on my Windows PC and I can create and read the files in the media share, so the permissions seem fine?

However, when I go and add media folders in Plex I dont see any of the sub folders (as shown below).

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Same question, Some help would be great.

There was some discussion of a similar issue a few months ago, but afaik the user did not submit a ticket with a debug so we weren’t able to investigate the cause. @Dowd, could you use the Report a Bug link above to submit a ticket? After you submit you’ll get a link to a private upload to attach a debug file from the system.