Plex install under TrueNAS Scale Dragonfish can't see media folders

First of all, I’m a newbie. Second, it seems like most if not all the videos showing the install of Plex on TrueNAS Scale are for an earlier version of TrueNAS. Main problem is I can’t see my media folders in Plex. I checked the suggested posts on this site and on YouTube but no help. What am I missing?

Did you check this one out?

Well, I’m a newbie too. So take it for what it is worth. Permissions were a big deal with me. Logging in via SSH, and admin, and checking permissions, the POOL was set to root - changed it to apps as user and group. However this applied down the tree…/mnt was also root, etc. Evidently, the PLEX install of two days ago comes with a user/grp of 568. Funny how the user apps… has 568 in it. Contrary to sense, just to get through it as a noob…apps, local users, etc, were given TOTAL access. Owning the server seemed to help to trigger PLEX to re-evaluate. In the end…I STILL couldn’t find my media since I thought POOL-name was in the path. Once the permission issues were resolved I found ALL my media, in PLEX, under /mnt/data. Not under /mnt/POOLname… I know this isn’t a total answer, but suggest you take away things that might help. Spent a couple of days trying to make this work…so far it looks like it it is…for now. Again, also a noob…I’m sure I hope to cover my tracks later - just happy it’s working to this point.

Have you added your media folders as an
“Additional Storage” under the “Storage Configuration” of the app?