Plex: Library is empty

Hi, I can’t get Plex 2.0.6 working on latest TrueNas. When I go to Plex Web Portal I can add Library and add my Shares (in my case: /mnt/Multimedia/Media/Film), but when I add it to Plex the library is empty.Please help

It’s most likely a permission issue. The apps use user 568 “apps” for access. If that user doesn’t have the right permissions set on your Datasets it can see the folder but can’t access it. Check the Permissions for the parent dataset Media and if user 568 has no permissions, add it recursively so that child datasets and folders also get the new acls applied.

Edit: The above is for scale, for core the user should be called plex and ID was 972 or something (can’t remember sine it’s been a hot minute since i used plex on core)

Hi, thanks for replay. The dataset Media has a user Apps and have full control. I ticked the Apply permission recursively box and hit the Save Access Control List button but still nothing in Plex library. Do I have to create a user 568 and add it to the Media dataset?

That user and id is created by truenas and is a system user. you should not need to manually create the apps user with id 568

Hi, I cant get plex to show whats in my Library (Film and Musik). I am uploading my Plex settings and hopes someone could see if I had set it up correc or not

You have to set up under “Storage Configuration” → “Plex Data Storage”

“Host Path (Path that already exists on the system)”

Hi, I have got it working now. I removed plex and installed it again with help from the forum and now it workin nice. Thanks for all help!