Plex permission error

Hello everyone,

I have a Plex authorization problem and annoyingly I can’t find the solution.

I have installed it according to the documentation:

The server starts and I have access to the web interface.

However, I get the message:

No authorization

You do not have access authorization for this server.

My test folder has the following permission:

drwxrwx--x+ root  wheel

I have also created an ACL for user 972 as described in the documentation. He has full access.

Can anyone find my error?

I think its a Plex problem since i recently started to get this error too, and my plex is running on a windows VM.

Try this:


  1. Quit/exit your Plex Media Server, so it’s not actively running
  2. In your text editor, remove the following attribute/key pairs from the Preferences.xml file:
  • PlexOnlineHome="1"
  • PlexOnlineMail=""
  • PlexOnlineToken="RanD0MHex1DecIm4LtoKeNheR3"
  • PlexOnlineUsername="ExampleUser"
  1. Save the edited file
  2. Launch your Plex Media Server

From here:

Dont install plex via plugin, follow this Guide.

Thanks for the tip @Farout.

The entries were not there for me.

As a test, I added them but did not enter any values and simply left it blank.

After the start I saw the desired page and probably because I was logged in to Plex, the mail address was already there.

After clicking on continue, however, the same page reappeared with no authorization.

Did you have the same problem?

You can try to completly remove any registered devices through the web-gui.
Log out and then log back in.
Under “general” there should now be a button “claim this server” .

You have to do this with the local web-gui. And not by logging in through the main Plex Webpage.

If I remove the authorized devices, I can log in again.

However, after the page has loaded, I have no authorization again.
I cannot detect an authorization problem or a blocked connection in the firewall.

I have also checked again in the Preferences.xml to see if there are any values in the options.

All without success.

It seems that the token / access confirmation is not coming back to my server.

However, I have no idea where it is getting stuck.