Setting your "Flair"

As some of you have noticed, you gain the ability to set new bits of “Flair” on your user icon as you gain additional Trust Levels.

You can pick which flair is displayed for your account by navigating to your Preferences, by clicking your Icon top right, and going down to Profile → Preferences → Flair.


Very interesting. When I looked into the flair option, “Wizards” came up so I decided to try it out by selecting it.

For whatever reason, the “I paid for Twitter” level 2 mark is still coming up though. Is that a bug or a feature? :smiley:

ah, never mind… I didn’t see the Wizard cap on the other side of my avatar against the dark mode of my browser. Apologies!

Oh man I didn’t see the little wizard hat till you pointed it out. Am I getting old? Don’t reply. :frowning_face:

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I only see regular…

I think you’re looking at Title, not Flair

But IMO, if your Flair only shows a trust-level the additional animations are distracting. I turned mine off

Some of the users have titles other than regular. Is that an option for everyone?

Yes thanks, I realize that is the title.

I think it’s only for TL3 users that this option will be available.

Will all users, that qualify for that trust level be bumped by admins/moderators if deemed a good fit or will the automatically set discourse requirements need to be fulfilled if you didn’t get granted that level upon migration of the user account?
The requirements by discourse seem rather high if the activity here will pick up where we left the old forums.

Of posts created in the last 100 days, must have read 25% (capped at 20k)

Edit: why do I have two check marks? I only selected one.

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I guess the title is due to entering the @TrueNAS_MVP group.

My Account Preferences


“Minimum viable products”? Is this for market tests?


“Title” and “Flair”, whatever those mean. I looked up what extended meaning the English language has given to “flair” compared with my native French, but none of the possibilities appear to make sense in the context.

flair | flɛː |
1 [in singular] a special or instinctive aptitude or ability for doing something well: she had a flair for languages | [mass noun] : none of us had much artistic flair.
2 [mass noun] stylishness and originality: she dressed with flair.

Then, using the same ornament for two different things is another design flaw.
And having animated ornaments is a major faux-pas. Unless there’s a hidden setting somewhere to stop these little cogwheels from turning, this first post may well be my last here.

There’s really nothing I like about Discourse, and the more I see the less I want to see it again.

We’re still tinkering with the flair / trust level icons here. I agree animation might be too annoying, considering replacing with static icon soon.

But the general idea is that trust level gives you an idea of how long the user has been around, I.E New → Trust 1 → Trust 2 → Trust 3 → Trust 4.

The flair is more of an award for special users, I.E iX staff, Moderators, Long time Contributors, etc.

Yes, indeed.

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I doubt it’s unique, but its usage in the movie “Office Space” is, I think, in line with how it’s being used here. In that context, it referred to buttons or badges that a waitress would wear on her uniform. Likewise, here, it’s referring to a badge you can add to your avatar.

Agree that they shouldn’t be animated.


Crap… They are on to us…

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It’s funny though… “pieces of flare” was not a good thing iirc. I don’t think miss Aniston’s character liked it

Missing the point would be very Discourse.

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It wasn’t the flair as such; it was the corporate environment–the flair was just a symptom. And “corporate environment bad” was pretty much the point of the whole movie.


I thought the minimum flair was 15, I saw only two icons at most here :face_with_peeking_eye:

Yes, seems like the only people with titles are in some of the groups that were carried over from the old forums.


Thanks for having fixed that eyesore!

Unsurprisingly, I had to look up this title as well. Never seen, never heard of—and never heard of anyone on the credit list save for J. Aniston (“heard of”, never seen anything in her filmography; I could certainly pass her by in the street and not notice). And through the 90’s and 00’s I was watching about 150 movies per year—all in theatres, no TV!
This is now well beyond Discourse, or any forum, but the message to take home here is: With a worldwide audience, be very, very, wary of “cultural references” you take for granted.

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Bzw. did anyone understand, what gets carried over and why?