Signatures Now Enabled

Signatures are enabled and can be setup in your Preferences → Profile → My Signature.


Is there a way to hide your system specs behind a spoiler button like in the old forum?

Use “Details”:

[details="My system specs"]
The Heart of Gold with an Infinite Improbability Drive, piloted by Marvin the Paranoid Android

Renders as:

My system specs

The Heart of Gold with an Infinite Improbability Drive, piloted by Marvin the Paranoid Android


Love the Douglas Adams quote :smiley:

Only able to do 1000 characters. Can this be upped?

I did a quick check, don’t see a way to bump it up from 1000 chars.

That’s kind of not good. Oh well…

Over 1000 characters to add to every post you make is kind of a lot, particularly when the “details” tag isn’t enforced in the signature field.

I tried adding the same signature as on the old forums…

looks like details does not support rows/columns, like spoilers on old forum. :frowning_face:

Hmmm. Looks to me like it does.

| Col1 | Col2 | Col3 |
| foo | bar | baz |
Col1 Col2 Col3
foo bar baz
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spoilers automatically formatted the header, rows, columns.

details I have to know the formatting syntax? Not the same.


I don’t think the signature feature was designed anticipating people building complex tables in them :slight_smile:

That said, there is this nice WYSIWYG table creator right in this reply box:


You might be able to leverage that, then copy-n-paste from there.

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Ok, just noticed the dynamic feedback that Dan was typing:


That is nice…

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No; that’s the biggest reason Discourse doesn’t normally include signatures–because they take up enormous amounts of space in a topic and are often repeated over and over as the same user posts more than once in a topic–which makes it seem ironic to me that people are complaining about wasted screen real estate, and also complaining about the lack of signatures. The Details feature mitigates this problem a bit, but…


Thanks. Too difficult to maintain using details with all the formatting syntax embedded in the table, not to mention the formatting characters likely count towards the 1000 character limit.

A few line of expandable spoilers never hurt anyone and are incredibly useful. People who complain about wasted screen real estate are usually the same that like to have their space optimized: a proper spoiler signature is very beneficial to this space optimization.

Minimally at most. But there’s no way to enforce the spoiler/details tags, and 1000 characters is really quite a lot of signature.

If you need a table in your signature, it isn’t a signature. Post it somewhere else and link to it.


Is there a way to retrieve our spoilers from the old forums?