SMB Shares Auxiliary Parameters


I upgraded from Core to Scale and I’m really missing the SMB Auxiliary Parameters. There’s no longer an way to change this in the UI.

It seems like the Parameters I set before are still active, but I can’t change it in any more…

Is it really that crazy to set something like “server smb encrypt = desired”, so that Auxiliary Parameters had to be removed?

Is there any way to change the Auxiliary Parameters, or at least turn on SMB Encryption with Dragonfish-24.04.0?

Thank you!

Wasn’t actually aware this had been removed myself. There are some workarounds in the thread linked.

From a shell:
sharing smb query (grab the ID of your share)
sharing smb update x (where x = your share ID)

You’re taken into an editor where you should be able to uncomment and modify “auxsmbconf”, please note I’ve never actually looked at this before and am just relaying info from the linked thread. You should only touch these if you know what you are doing! Take appropriate measures to make sure you don’t break access to your share!

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