Ssd reccomendations

Hi there,

I am currently using Silicon Power A55 2TB as my ssd for my main storage pool but they arent performing well on larger transfers that are bigger than 9Gb in size.

What 2tb ssd would you recommend that would perform better than my current option and would be able to substain write speeds while transfering files that amount to 10gb in size or larger?

You need to narrow this down a bit more… How large do you actually need the SLC cache to be? If you say “too big”, you’d need to go for something that’s fast enough after the cache is exhausted, which probably gets you into rather expensive territory.

Also, how fast is “fast enough”?

Umm im not sure how big i would need the SLC cache to be. Im mostly using it as a storage server to store images and do alot of writing to the SSD pool.

Im just looking for peoples expierence with using ssd or if people knew of ssd that would be able to substain write performace for a transfer of 10gb and ones that provde better performace than my current ones as they drop to 9MB/s after about 10seconds of writing a transfer of about 10gb

Ok, 9 MB/s is absolutely miserable. Are you sure it’s the SSDs doing that? That’s too slow even for spinning rust.

Pretty sure it’s something to do with the controller and the write cache being full:

In order to improve performance, Phison implemented a way that the controller utilizes it’s internal 32 MiB of SRAM as some kind of “Pit-stop” that is allocated for incoming Write request in order to improve performance since it’s a very quick to access and fast RAM. This implementation was called Smart Cache Flush.
This SmartCacheFlush technology allows incoming data to only have a “pit stop” in the cache and then move to the NAND flash at once. If the flash is jammed due to particular file sizes (such as random 4KB data), the cache will be treated as an “organizer”, consolidating incoming data into groups before written into the flash to improve write amplification.

From: Silicon Power Ace A55 2 TB Specs | TechPowerUp SSD Database

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