The web interface cannot be accessed

Hi I recently installed true as core and worked fine until I restarted and the error the web interface couldn’t be accessed despite working before I rebooted and can’t seem to fix it

can you view the console at the server? Did the IP address change at the reboot? Are you receiving an error?

It boots up as normal but then the error shows and I can’t access the interface
this is an image of it

This looks like you haven’t configured any network interfaces, as there is no IP.

Are you trying to use wifi? That won’t work.

Plug in an ethernet cable and see if it gets an IP from your router. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to set one statically using option 1.


I have a similar issue, but I have an IP (shows with ip addr show). The browser is shoeing “This site can’t be reached”. The vm TrueNAS is running on can ping other devices and I can ping the vm at, so the bridge is working. I don’t see any ports in LISTEN mode with netstat -tunlp. It seems to me that the webserver is not running? Please help

cat /etc/version shows

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