TrueCharts catalog stuck @40% for more than two hours. Apps don't work after installation

Hi guys,
Just got my hands on a HP ProLiant Microserver gen8 with 16GB RAM. I installed the latest TrueNAS SCALE Dragonfish-24.04.0 on a 128GB SATA SSD using Grub to boot from an SD card in the internal SD card, which chains the boot to SATA port 5 (ODD port). That works flawlessly. After installation, I performed the initial setup and added the pool, users, network setup etc. My storage consists of 4 spinners in a RAIDZ1 configuration.

I am able to refresh the built in TrueNAS chart (107 apps) but after that I added the TrueCharts catalog but installing the catalog takes for more than 2 hours (!) with both cores of the Pentium G2020T CPU at 100%. After the catalog finally installed, installing apps also takes ages and after installation, the apps don’t work.
I really wanted to use Truecharts because there is an app called SickChill that I use, which isn’t available in the TrueNAS catalog.

Any suggestions and help is greatly appreciated.

Hi, same problem, no truecharts

Alternative is to install docker in a sandbox, and from there all possible apps. I will go this way, since I don’t like to be limited by available truenas apps.

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Another alternative is to actually use the underlying container found here: Docker as a “custom app”, see the Scale docs and the app install wiki. No need for a 3rd party catalog for one app. All 19 of my apps are custom apps as they are so much more flexible in general and updates have yet to hurt them. Literally in a few minutes, you have a running app (once you are familiar with them).

Loosely, you follow the docker instructions, but instead of creating a dockerfile you enter the data into the UI in the custom app screen.

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Hey there,

I’m on the TrueCharts team, your specs are too low for the OS + External App Catalog, we require an SSD for apps and a quad-core CPU, so it makes sense you have issues with the catalog. See here → System Requirements | TrueCharts Charts

Just run a custom-app


A ten-year-old two-core Pentium is pretty light for TrueNAS at all, all the more so if you’re adding apps to the mix. Some of the suggestions up-topic might be a little less demanding than the full apps ecosystem, but I really think you need more in the CPU department. I believe a E3-1220L was an option for the Microserver Gen 8; that might help you out (that’s what my parents’ NAS is running, but it’s on CORE).

Is an aftermarket cpu swap an option on these?

If so, the E3-1220Lv2 goes for about $20US on eBay…

Mind you. That’s still only dual core. But quad thread. The bigger CPUs have a higher TDP the 1220L is only 17W!

The pentium is 35w.

The Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1265L v2 is 45w TDP and is 8 threads at up to 3.5GHz…

I’d probably YOLO that :wink:

(But I’m capable of testing thermals and upgrading if necessary. )

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But at least you get hyperthreading, not to mention a turbo boost freq about 1 GHz higher than the Pentium that’s already in there–and lower TDP to boot. I doubt the thermals of the Microserver could handle a much higher-power CPU.


Thank you Steven.

I just ordered the E3-1220Lv2 on eBay for 10 euros. That 17 watt TDP but higher CPU power does it for me. Thanks!

Thanks, but I have no knowledge of this stuff whatsoever. If something breaks, I’m f*cked.
I’ll go with a faster CPU and maybe change the internal SATA port to a PCIe SATA card. It’ll be 25 euros and I’m good to go.