TrueNAS CORE 13.0-U6.2 is Now Available!

We are pleased to release TrueNAS CORE 13.0-U6.2!

This is a minor maintenance release with fixes for CVE-2024-6387, noted as the regreSSHion vulnerability. Additional details and links to the technical discussion and analysis of the vulnerability are available from NAS-129828.

See the Release Notes for more details.


Thanks for using TrueNAS CORE! As always, we appreciate your feedback!


Installed without any hickup.

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Same here as well, no issues, but then again it was basically one change. To me this is very good as it means this software is extremely stable. A security patch and not a bug fix, love it. :heart_eyes:
I will admit it caught me off guard. I expected TrueNAS 13.3 when I saw a new announcement. Eh, maybe next time.


Five years from now:



Not possible unless iX maintains their own ports tree; and given their aversion to building apps COREs 13.3 version number will be it’s last.

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The same fix is in the 13.3 nightles.
We’re still looking for more 13.3 BETA.2 testers.

I imagine most people are busy.

I have to install, configure, and create an ISO of FreeBSD on a machine in a few days; I could possibly install BETA2 before I do the FreeBSD install.

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I have been running Beta.2 since it came out, I will roll back to it tonight. But sorry, I don’t do a lot with it other than use it as a home NAS.


Thanks … every test helps. Diverse hardware, diverse configurations, diverse use-cases. We can test all the primary functions in QA, but diversity is important to reliability.

I installed 13.0 on a single disk machine (NOT VM).

Enabled SSH.

SSH’d in and everything seemed good (that was about the extent of my
test because I didn’t have another drive in this machine).

Updated to 13.3 BETA2
Update went well.

I also tested the sidegrade “feature”. The dialog says reverting back to
core is unsupported so I would mention to people this “sidegrade” is a
marketing buzz word and should be approached with caution.

Not sure if this can be “fixed” (aka: forced) on your end but when I
sidegraded DHCP got a fresh IP which made me go plug in a monitor to
see what IP TrueNAS was now on.

This took me about 2 hours to do (from download ISO to now but kids
are involved so I wansnt constantly at the keyboard).

As an experiment I wanted to install FreeBSD and decided to try

curl >
curl > freebsd-update.conf
chmod +x

And then proceded to try:

./ -s -k 800651ef4b4c71c27e60786d7b487188970f4b4169cc055784e21eb71d410cc5 -d /root --currently-running 13.1-RELEASE -r 14.1-RELEASE upgrade

Which didn’t work.

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I could run the BETA but I don’t have time to give feedback these days.
Would that be of any help?

We’d obviously prefer a bug report if you run into any, but short of that the more people running it the better. There’s no expectation of detailed feedback.

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Its counter-intuitive, but running the BETA, seeing no issues and providing no feedback is useful. If, however, you see issues, we really need to bug reports.

We look at number of systems that have run the software vs the number of unique bugs reported to assess the quality and decide to move forward.

With 13.0-U6 having a very large number of users, we do not want an upgrade to 13.3 RELEASE to be a poor experience. We need test system diversity to avoid problems.


Out of curiosity, how is this determined? Is it based on the number of downloads or is there some sort of phone home TrueNAS does to tell the mothership what is going on? I suspect the former but I’ve got to ask.

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Each system reports home each day… nothing personal is reported. Its all in the open source code.

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FWIW, no issues with this update. Update went smooth and no adverse effects in last two days. Thank you.

It’s under System–>General (scroll to the bottom).

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Where are the manual updates kept these days?

Previous versions link is on the page.

I am looking for the .update, not the .iso.