TrueNAS CORE 13.0-U6.2 is Now Available!

They are available via the same link… just need to search through.

Installed on 5 U61 systems without incident.

installed on my system, i create a new jail (only 13.3-release available) and stuck there:

root@truenas[~]# iocage start xxx
No default gateway found for ipv6.

  • Starting xxx
    • Started OK
    • Using devfs_ruleset: 1010 (iocage generated default)
      ELF interpreter /libexec/ not found, error 2
    • Configuring VNET OK
    • Using IP options: vnet
      ELF interpreter /libexec/ not found, error 2
    • Starting services FAILED

Refusing to start xxx: exec_start failed

old jails on 13.2 working good

Something was introduced in 13.3 that makes some jails not work properly on a 13.1 host.

There is some trick to create a jail as 13.2? This jail that dont start is basically only created from gui

iocage fetch 13.2-RELEASE

I believe

13.2 is EOL. It’s probably no longer available on the download server.

Since you already fetched the base OS, you should be able to choose which version of FreeBSD upon jail creation using the command-line.

Something like this (with root or sudo):

iocage create -r 13.2-RELEASE -b -n myawesomejail
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iocage fetch 13.2-RELEASE
unlucky don’t show 13.2 :disappointed_relieved:

iocage create -r 13.2-RELEASE -b -n myawesomejail
this works, thanks!

Does this makes the jail appear in the WebUI as well?


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I am running truenas inside a proxmox-guest with 8 GB ram (without issues). But after having done the update my memory-consumption of the guest jumped up from 71% to 92%.

Can you imagine the reason?

Does 13.0-U6.2 require a reboot? I have several VMs using it as the datastore they run off and it is hard to get Engineering to let us shut those VMs down for a TrueNas patch and bounce. thanks! Ken

Yes, every TrueNAS upgrade requires a reboot.


It’s only an SSH vulnerability patch.

Their call.