Truenas core and nextcloud opening opcache to configure opcache.interned_strings_buffer

noobie here to all this stuff but I can follow direction as well as copy and paste. My problem is that I have nextcloud 29.0.0 up and running but have some security and setup warnings. Basically in the opcache file but am not sure what file to open to configure it in truenas core 13.0-U6.1. Any help will be appreciated Thank you

How did you install Nextcloud? Plug-in? Script?


How much data is stored there?
How many users?

Plug-ins are unsupported and unmaintained at this point, and shouldn’t be used.

I would recommend installing Nextcloud using

Scripted installation of Nextcloud 29 in iocage jail

and migrating your data over to it. Once that is done, we can go further with your error. That specific error should actually not come up when you use the script, because the script sets that properly by default.

Or you can try SCALE…

Ok Thank you i will do that.

Hello, I have downloaded the script configured it. But i have an issue. It says download the repository to a convenient directory on your freenas system by changing to that directory. I am not sure how to do this. What directory would i use and how do i go about doing it? Thank you

SSH into your TrueNAS system (or open the shell) and type

cd /mnt/yourpoolname/scripts

Or some directory where you want to store the scripts.

git clone

Then cd freenas-iocage-nextcloud and edit nextcloud-config and set your IP, pool name etc…

Once that’s done you can script nextcloud.log ./ to run the install.

every time i input cd /mnt/yourpoolname/scripts with my pool name i get string not in pwd whatever that means. Thank you

That was just an example. You will have to cd to an actual directory on your system.

oh ok

You can easily check where you are in the shell by doing ‘ls’

Is my pool considered a directory? I am trying to connect to my pool but am having no luck. I get Too many arguments even though i know that is the correct path. If i try cd /mnt//Disc 2/nextcloud i get /mnt/Disc 2 string not in pwd. Please help. Thank you fo everything.

Yes it is considered a directory.

I see you have 2 // in your command. Is that a typo?

Is your pool called “Disc2”?

Having spaces in a pool is not the best idea, but the command should still work.

I would recommend creating a dataset called “scripts” then cd /mnt/Disc 2/scripts

The space needs to be quoted or escaped

cd /mnt/Disc\ 2/scripts

The problem with having a space in your pool name is now every script or program you run must deal with a space in a pool name correctly, and a common bug is to not. Because the authors know that and so don’t use spaces in pool names! It’s a bit of a catch 22 :wink:

Thank you that worked

That is a typo

I have another question referring to this post. How do i insert the script into my dataset? I’m sorry everyone i am not a programmer but i try and am learning so thank you.

What do you mean “insert”?

Are you talking about downloading it? That is done by git clone

Yes, download it. How would i go about doing this? How does it find the script by using this command on my computer? Thank you