Truenas CORE install Nextloud pkg error: - py39-fail2ban

I can’t install Plugin Nextloud on my clean CORE TrueNAS-13.0-U6.1, truenas give me - pkg error: - py39-fail2ban
Please HELP

dont use plugins, they are eol and not mainteined.
Follow this guide

I have ssl cert from cloudflare, i can use it? I am not an expert in this

Given that you are having trouble like these we would suggest the migration to TrueNAS SCALE.

Use of third party software is more streamlined and you can use nginx proxy manager if you want to expose services.

i need to use CORE version

i use my own cert too, if im not wrong i installed the script with no_cert=1 and then add mine (following this usefull tips)

Might be easier (and it was my intent) to use selfsigned_cert and then replace that cert/key with your external one. No changes to the Caddyfile required in that case. But always more than one way to do it.

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Sometimes i like make Easy things hard :joy: