TrueNAS Mini XL+: Status? (discontinued/EOL?)

Does anyone know the status of the TrueNAS Mini XL+ product line?

The TrueNAS Mini configuration page (Configure & Buy TrueNAS Mini - TrueNAS - Welcome to the Open Storage Era) no longer lists the TrueNAS Mini XL+, although the product still appears on the iXsystems Amazon store ( Quick searches of the forum and elsewhere were not helpful.

Mini-XL+ is only available on Amazon right now. Get it while it lasts.

Its a fine product with the same motherboard as other Minis, but we are choosing to focus on Mini X+ and Mini-R which are more popular.

It has the same software capabilities as the other platforms and will keep getting updates.


Should make a Mini version with GPU (for transcoding)!

Fair, even four bays go a looooong way these days.

We’ve got a PCIe 3.0 x4 slot available in the Mini X+ and R - or are you thinking of something with an iGPU/APU?

Ah, interesting. Many thanks for the quick reply.

The reason I had to retire my Mini is that there’s only the one slot; I need 10G and a GPU, plus it would be nice to be able to add an external disk shelf which would result in minus two free slots.

Sounds like a good reason to demote it to backup replication target duties.