TrueNAS Scale 23.10.2 | Not seeing l2arc in reporting

I believe before I’d seen reporting of l2arc usage on previous versions/builds of FreeNAS/TrueNAS. I’ve not implemented in in a while.

Here are the disks being show as attached

I believe here it used to show l2arc, but noting currently present

Sorry for the multiple post, new forum will only allow one image per post for new users.

Yep, I also don’t see l2arc stats in either Dragonfish or Cobia.

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Is there any documentation on why it was removed?

Might be related to Reporting only shows 7 days worth of data. I did not read too deply into that topic, but it seems that a recent switch to a more modern forum caused a few changes.

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Well that explains that. I’d been trying to figure out where my logs had gone as well. I was going to poke at it a bit further and trying searching further before posting.

Checked release notes and didn’t see any mention of trimming, or restricting to the 7 days max. Literally found myself rebooting the system, logging in and out, multiple users.

Thanks for your response.