TrueNAS SCALE 24.04.0 Now Released!

We are pleased to release TrueNAS SCALE 24.04.0!

This is the first stable release of TrueNAS SCALE 24.04 Dragonfish. It includes numerous software component updates, polished features, and fixes for issues discovered in 24.04-RC.1.

Notable changes:

  • Users migrating data from an existing third-party NAS solution to TrueNAS SCALE 24.04 can use the Syncthing Enterprise application to mount the source with a remote SMB share that preserves metadata. See Third-Party SMB Data Migration for considerations and a full tutorial.
  • Improved workflow for FIPS changes on HA systems (NAS-128187).
  • Improved compatibility of TrueNAS SCALE MinIO app and CORE MinIO plugin facilitates simplified migration for CORE users with S3 data deployments.
  • Fixed bug to ensure ISCSI targets are mountable after removing and replacing targets (NAS-128099).
  • Bug fix for NUT service and UPS data reporting (NAS-127788).
  • Ensure Netdata reporting history persists after reboot (NAS-127880).
  • Hide SPICE viewer password when entered (NAS-127868).
  • Fixes for units and data display on the Dashboard and Reporting page (NAS-127963 and NAS-127854).
  • Update replication resume token at object receive instead of data receive (NAS-126772).
  • Relax L2ARC lock during write operations to prevent OOM activation or deadlock (NAS-127456).
  • Prevent Datasets tree from unexpectedly collapsing open datasets (NAS-127966).
  • Fix GPU endpoint usage for GPU passthrough (NAS-127882).
  • Prevent cloud sync tasks from failing when pre/post-init scripts are present (NAS-127975).
  • Fix regression in directory services initialization affecting SMB share ACLs (NAS-127970).

See the Release Notes for more details.

Download :
Documentation :

Thanks for using TrueNAS SCALE! As always, we appreciate your feedback!


We appreciate any update stories.
Please update from 23.10 or install fresh.

Updated six servers, all with different HW configs and running Tailscale inside Jailmaker jails, no issues whatsoever. Smooth sailing, my sincere thanks to all developers and testers.


Had one small glitch, not particularly important (so much so that I almost forgot mentioning it): on one of these servers I had an rsyncd app configured initially, since replaced by a jail. The rsyncd app was deleted from the server a few weeks ago, and the apps service itself disabled, but still the update generated a warning that the app would stop working (I did not print the screen, so can’t be sure of the exact wording). That was the single glitch, for all six upgrades.

Edit: this is the message I’ve mentioned above, from another batch of updates - to be perfectly clear, as with the one above this app was deleted a few weeks ago, and the app service itself disabled:

Just upgraded, now the webui is gone :frowning: all apps respond fine on loadbalancer ip. Nothing in dmesg as far as i can see…

Media encode on Intel Arc GPUs (DG2, A380 for example) will not work because of missing firmware. Party’s over :frowning:

Odd, did it reboot properly or get stuck during the shutdown?

Edit: Check /var/log/middlewared.log to see if any traceback near the end as well.

It did reboot properly. Or, everything but the gui :smiley:
There are lots of truecharts errors on not getting finding the newest image…
Might this be the culprit?
[2024/04/23 23:03:01] (WARNING) - nginx reload failed with code 1: ‘nginx.service is not active, cannot reload.\n’

… may be caused by: [2024/04/23 20:11:16] (WARNING) SystemDatasetService.sysdataset_path():112 - /var/db/system: mountpoint not found

Just updated now, from 23.10.2 to 24.04.0,
all smooth, no issues at all.


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Suggest you start a separate thread and we can diagnose there. Please respond with a link. Can you include the specific TrueCharts Apps.

I put logs here, and I’ll add more info as i go along. :slight_smile:

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Upgrade all went smoothly, although I’m having the silly network stats for apps like some others have reported, and also the distracting constant refreshing of the panels in the apps screen.

Please can we select the columns to display for apps and also choose how often to have the panels refresh?

Nice to have the HDD temps showing up again though, and the network bridge / K8s race condition fixed.

Upgraded without issues…

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I see an issue now, which I maybe also had before the last update.
Somebody see same, and what can be done…??
NTP Issue

Can you please open a new topic in TrueNAS General? Thank you.

yes okay…sorry

I was using 24.04-RC.1, everything was normal.
I updated to 24.04.0 and I’m having a problem with one of my pools, as soon as I take a backup of the settings, or even if I install clean and just try to import the pool, the error is the same.
The worst thing is that I can’t go back to RC.1, because kernel panic also happens.

my config:
Processor: i7-4790k
motherboard: Asus Z97-k R2.0
RAM: 32GiB HyperX
Disks - pools:
1 ssd - WD_Green_M.2_2280_240GB => boot-pool
4x1TiB - WD10EXEX => pool-HD - RAIDZ1
2x500GiB - WDC WDS500G1B0C-00S6U0 => pool-ssd - Stripe
1x4TiB - ST4000VX007-2DT166 => pool-trash

The problem is precisely in the SSD pool, the other 2 work normally, as long as I don’t import the SSD pool.

The kernel panic happens when trying to import the pool.

Did I lose everything, or is there a way to at least try to recover the data somehow, using command lines?

Since you are using desktop hardware with likely non-ECC RAM, please run good long memory test. While spacemap corruptions like this may mean some bugs in a code (in this case it may be related to device removal feature of ZFS, that is not so widely used), quite often they are caused by memory corruptions. What’s about data recovery, you should be able to import pool read-only from command line, since read-only imports do not even read space maps, among many other things.

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The changelog mentions that “ZFS ARC memory allocations are updated and behave identically to TrueNAS CORE.” What has changed, what used to be the default before? Was this a bug?

Previously, Scale limited ARC to 50% of RAM, whereas Core allowed ARC to use most of the free RAM.

Scale now behaves like Core w.r.t ARC sizing