TrueNAS SCALE is Now Available!

Correct, a lot of folks wait until .1 or .2 to jump over to a new train. That would put us at about 4-6 months out for lots of users moving to EE at the end of the year.

Same problem, it occurs randomly even cleared browser cache, which annoy me frequently when I login in and have to add back widgets.

Like your suggestion, I do have plan to purchase Arc A380 graphic card for my entertainment centre on Truenas, however, after reveiwing the card performance, the idle power consumption become the only obstacle. I might think twice if the software also support well.

As of yesterday, SCALE is the most popular SCALE release.

Code-freeze has happened for 24.04.2 . so its expected in early July after more QA.
We expect that to become the recommended version for Conservative and Mision critical users.


Thanks for providing a rough estimate for 24.04.2. I would be said conservative user so looking forward to it so I can update from Cobia.

Does it include a fix for the pool import regression in 24.04.0 and 24.04.1?

Yes, should be faster when a lot of snapshots are present again.

Looking at 7/9 for the release date currently.


We always let it bake in the sun for 2-6 weeks before declaring it ready for conservative users. But, we assume that most of the known issues are fixed.

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That’s a long time to have to wait to get updated “numbers”! We’re all curious if this version will be more “popular” yet.

numbers show more people book cruses on Carnival than on the Titantic.

I can guarantee it will be more popular. I can’t guarantee its close to “bug free” until thousands of people have tested for weeks.

You can never ‘guarantee’ that. -e.g. can you say that about CORE?

Debian is considered a stable Linux but Linux itself is not itself bug free (because of how it’s designed; the kernel alone—not counting anything else—has more than 15 million lines of code). OpenBSD is the only OS that can consider itself “more free of bugs than any other mainstream OS” (it has somewhere in the realm of 2million lines in the entire OS).

That aside, you should never say that anyways.

There are known and documented limitations in TrueNAS 13.0-U6. That will never change.

On our stable hardware, we’ve had very few 13.0-U6 bug reports that have impacted customer ability to deliver services promised. Its suitable for Conservative and Mission-critical customers. My response is to that request for a “Conservative” user.

XEN has well below 1 mio lines SLOC; and the devs work on further reducing it, too. (That’s why QubesOS is such a nice idea.)

Just tested the sidegrade to SCALE.

  1. The UI is okay (things are more “buried” if that make sense).
  2. The guide is hidden! Make that button green on the tile or give it space on the sidebar so people can find it.

That is all.

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  1. Space is big. CORE: 1.3gb SCALE 2.4gb. not sure you can do anything about that but that’s kind of annoying.
  2. “Restart” should be “Reboot” IMO. I missed it and looked for how to “reboot” but this is nit-picking however I did initially miss it so I thought it worth a mention.
  1. System did not “restart”. I seemed to hang (no display on monitor and I didn’t have a keyboard attached). I did not investigate why anymore and I held down power button and restarted the PC manually.

this system is being replaced with FreeBSD 14.1 and I only restarted on a whim.

Alright, last one. While I put FreeBSD on a USB for an install. I rebooted the tester machine from SCALE to CORE.

  1. Rebooted (forced) into CORE and I noticed that the CPU usage is down to what I’d expect. On SCALE CPU was hovering about 2-4% now its down at 0.

TrueNAS is going away on this machine now. Too much time spend playing.

I’m happy you found a solution that fits your needs and preferences better.

Welcome, @nugget.

Thanks, but I was just playing around (SCALE had an uptime of a whole 14minutes before it died a quick death–which is the second longest Linux install I have had :p). I said I would install/try the TrueNAS CORE 13.3 BETA2 and I wanted to test an idea. My test was very simple but you can see the other post here:

There is a link to the documentation on the dashboard. Starting in Electric Eel it will be even easier to find documentation than in CORE with the new global search feature.