Truenas Scale Failed to sync TRUECHARTS catalog

Hi everyone, I really need your help on this error. I googled and found out it could be the problem with ntp, bios time date and sadly I don’t know how to fix it.

Error: [EFAULT] Failed to clone ‘’ repository at ‘/mnt/Data/ix-applications/catalogs/github_com_truecharts_catalog_main’ destination: [EFAULT] Failed to clone ‘’ repository at ‘/mnt/Data/ix-applications/catalogs/github_com_truecharts_catalog_main’ destination: Cloning into '/mnt/Data/ix-…
I tried to check date and time shell:

Thank you so much for helping me a low tech one!

Failed to sync TRUECHARTS catalog.

Truecharts removed the catalog from Github.

is there a new url?

They removed it:


So the relationship between iX and TrueCharts has come to a very bitter end even before the release of Electric Eel. Wow!

Short of the kind of stuff which lands you before the International Criminal Court, there are not many activities I can think of for which “limiting the options of even [sic] discussing it” would be an appropriate attitude.

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The current solution is wait for a solution?

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  1. Wait for Electric Eel, and its hopefully automatic migration.
  2. Wait for TrueCharts to provide its migration path (a Talos VM, from which you will hopefully get back access to their catalog).
  3. Set up a jailmaker “sandbox” with docker, and optionally Dockge/Portainer/whatever as GUI, and migrate yourself. Manual work, but available now.

TrueCharts nuked the truecharts/catalog repo.
To see the whole drama you might want to check it on reddit (r/truenas), and maybe TrueChart’s Discord.

For now you might want to migrate to Custom APPs, and fully migrate to Docker once SCALE 24.10 comes out.

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To avoid being misleading, we need to make it clear that automigration is only feasible for official TrueNAS Apps… not TrueCharts Apps.

So this option should read:

  1. Move to using TrueNAS official Apps (which doesn’t leverage Traefik) and then auto-migrate to Electric Eel which will allow more complex Apps and networks.

Just confirming that iX was happy to keep current TC Apps running on Dragonfish for as long as it took for a satisfactory migration for the users, We were anticipating most of 2025 and there being multiple different scenarios.

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Read up on Electric Eel, still had a question. With the move to Docker from K3S, does that mean apps will be able to have their own IP vs sharing the same IP and using a different port number? It would simplify things so much for the way my network is setup right now if that’s the case. Currently have MetalLB to accomplish this but with TrueCharts going away I’d love to be able to use the native apps only.

I expect ability to have own IP to be the case, testing coming soon.

Not a answer to your core question but I’ll just mention that you can do this right now, at least with Custom apps. No TrueCharts needed.

It remains to be seen how it will work with the Docker backend.


Will go check it out. I would avoid the TrueCharts discord; it is a cesspool of arrogance and bullying.

Personally I am glad to see TrueCharts go. Aside from their attitude, relying on their helm charts cost me hours of lost time troubleshooting and reinstalling things when they broke. I took them off my system some time ago.



So what about custom apps? Will they be auto-migrated as well? Or will we need to migrate manually on Electric Eel?

According to earlier posts from IX, yes, they will. It’s all I have.

Still trying to get up to speed on this rugpull, but it sounds like a jail/docker is what I’ll have to migrate some apps to (hopefully not losing any data in the process)

Some Truecharts apps I had installed include: doublecommander, handbrake, obsidian, qbittorrent & tubesync

Anyone have a better solution for archiving YouTube channels other than TubeSync? It stalls out sometimes, and doesn’t download “Lives” or “Shorts”
GitHub - meeb/tubesync: Syncs YouTube channels and playlists to a locally hosted media server

I also recall reading that, with the warning that you should expect some tinkering since custom apps can be set up in any number of ways and it’s quite possible not every bit can be migrated correctly.

All my apps are custom apps so I guess I’ll find out how well it works eventually…

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It would be possible to not perfectly migrate, yes, I read that also. I’ll be getting my own compose files ready once the appropriate Eel nightly comes out, not going to rely on migration personally. But I think it’s more a standard disclaimer, you can never guarantee anything will work perfectly.

I build all my own images currently for the most part, so, will instead be using compose so no longer need to build them as I want them.

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well for what it’s worth, I’ve reported a total of two bugs on Truecharts and on my second bug I got banned for 2 weeks because they accused me of spamming their bug reporting system in order to get more attention for my one bug report. I was so insulted but I kept it to myself.

Now I know I wasn’t a one off.