Unable to import due to 'exported pools': Suspected failed SATA card


I have suffered from what I believe might be a suspected SATA controller card. I have attached my drives directly to my motherboard SATA ports by way of a troubleshooting activity and 3/4 of my disks have been detected. The 4th drive is an SSD.

The drive is a single volume with no redundancy, I only really use it for app deployments. It can be replaced if needed by I’d rather not have to setup a fresh Plex instance!

The disk in question is presenting itself as an ‘unassigned disk’ and the pool is still visible. When attempting to add the pool to an existing pool (and then specifying the same pool name) I receive the warning:

The following disks have exported pools on them. Using those disks will make existing pools on them unable to be imported. You will lose any and all data in selected disks.

Silly question I know but is there a simple way to resolve this? I’ve looked a few similar posts but struggling to find something dummy proof which I can follow without making things worse!

If it has an exported pool on it, have you tried importing the pool from the UI? Under storage → Import Pool.

I forgot to add that under that section no pools are available to select…

Then you’d have to go command line to do more inspection. From a shell prompt, look for the pool with “zpool import”.

pool: VolumeC
id: 610105465558787847
state: FAULTED
status: The pool metadata is corrupted.
action: The pool cannot be imported due to damaged devices or data.
The pool may be active on another system, but can be imported using
the ‘-f’ flag.
see: Message ID: ZFS-8000-72 — OpenZFS documentation
VolumeC FAULTED corrupted data
37d26a4d-b4bc-467a-ab86-5efd42254c74 ONLINE

Is it just a case of trying to do the force import? (Thanks for the replies by the way!)

I think we need more data - and detailed data - about:

  1. How the pools looked before your HBA card failed; and

  2. How your block devices and pools look now.

I am running a HBA card with x2 SAS-SATA adapters. A total of 8 drives split into x2 pools (setup in RAID5) these are working fine and aren’t showing any sign of issue.

The issue originated from a second SATA controller card. The 4 drives attached as JBOD. 3 of the disks (and subsequent) pools came back when I plugged straight into the motherboard.

I did try to force the import on the 4th drive using the force flag and received the error

zpool import failed metadata corruption

I suspect maybe the SSD has given up on life…

Please do NOT try commands in the hope that they will work as they can make things worse and remove all chance of recovering the pool. If you want any chance of recovering this pool you need to diagnose and work logically.

I am entirely unclear where RAID5 comes into this. Are you saying that you are running the HBA in RAID mode (rather than IT mode) and had a pool defined across a single Linux device which was a RAID5 conglomeration of 4 hidden drives?


For the purpose of this thread please ignore all other drives and configurations. This issue is for a single drive, single volume SSD which is experiencing the issue.

Is there anything else I could try?

You could try listing the partition table on the failed drive using gpart and post it here.

Also try running listing the SMART attributes and run a SMART short test to see if the drive is alive.

But if you have RAID5 ZFS on your system you are storing up a future issue - and you should address this as a separate issue.