Upgrade path FreeNAS to Current

Plugins! Apps are a SCALE thing, plugins are a CORE vestige.

SCALE’s version 24.04.xx – iX’s likes to use fish names for their new releases.

i guess some clarification is needed here: iX announced that in time, they will abandon TrueNAS Core (you have FreeNAS which is basically now TrueNAS Core) and put all their money on TrueNAS Scale. The big difference is Core is based on FreeBSD and Scale is based on Linux.

For Core, you would be able just to upgrade to the latest level upgrading through every major release, as mentioned before. As far as i know, you might be able to save Plex by upgrading the jail with the iocage upgrade command but i am unsure if this is a reliable process. When it is stated, “don’t use plugins” this refers to Core as the original plugin section has been unmaintained for quite some time now. It would be better to use a script (like @dan 's scripts to get that done)

For Scale, you could migrate from Core to Scale through the GUI but bear in mind, your Plex instance (plugin or manual jail) will cease to run and would need to be set up from scratch in Scale.

Does this help?

Ah… Apps not Plugins… gotcha. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

does this mean jails are not needed then?

SCALE does not have jails. Well, we found a way to have them anyway.

It does clear some things up, but does not entirely help…

My FreeNAS GUI is not showing any update paths…so this is not going to help.
Why I asked what update path I should follow, then I was told to update through the major releases, I then asked what the major releases are, and there was no answer.

Does anyone have an actual link to Dan’s script?

Thank you so far for the information guys

I believe a major update is a change in .number, like from 11.1 to 11.2. @Captain_Morgan please confirm this.

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For Plex? Sure:

Its recommended as a 2 step process to SCALE:

Upgrade to 13.0-U6.1

You do have option of staying on 13.0 and using Dan’s jail/plex script.

Sidegrade to SCALE

Okay… Thank you again for the answers guys, I appreciate the help.

Sorry for being a pain about all of this, but I would rather be sure than screw it all up.

So I’m going directly to 13.0?
(will my shares and configs be kept in place?)

Then im using dans script to convert the Plex jail?

Do I convert the Plex/jail before upgrading or upgrade first?

Using dan’s script means recreating a new Plex installation, then importing the existing data.

Okay… that is good information to have, so I shouldn’t delete the current jail then.

Okay… I’m about to update to 12.0-U8

And then try run the script to update the Jail.

Not sure if its worth it though, at the moment the PLEX server isnt working anyway… so might just delete are do a fresh plex install

Scrap that last one…

I created a boot USB install media using Rufus and the Downloaded 11.2-U1 ISO
Updated and checked, all still well with new interface.

I then created another USB using the 11.2-U8 ISO
Checked - Still all good

I am now about to try update the Plex jail using Dan’s script

You need to update all the way to 13.0, first before the script will work.

I see… I found an older thread from a few years back that I posted where Yorick was helping me, and I have been following his advice

So will it be safe to continue the update and then create then use the script to create the jail?

Probably yes. Reinstalling the plex jail might require some effort. Nobody will be able to tell what exactly will happen with your hardware and your installation.

Your main problem is that all TrueNAS releases < 13.0 and their respective FreeBSD base systems are EOL. That’s why you cannot upgrade anything anymore on these. EOL means no more packages, e.g. plex.

So it’s the only way forward but prepare for a day or two without a working plex installation and some amount of work and some writing back and forth in the forum.

I really don’t mind the wait, nor the back and forth on the forums (already doing that) and a day or two without a working plex…well, if its been down for the last 4 years+ Im sure a few days will make no difference.

So currently I am on 11.2-U8, should I just make the jump to 13 from here, or continue the update train?

As Captain Morgan already suggested, use the Preparing to Migrate article checklist to help you get ready to migrate.Preparing to Migrate | TrueNAS Documentation Hub
We include a migration path for users to help them with the process but FreeNAS is older than what we list but the Upgrade Path content in this article can help you get from point A to B which every you decide is point B. 24.04 (Dragonfish) Version Notes | TrueNAS Documentation Hub
Here is the version for CORE/FreeNAS 13.3 Version Notes | TrueNAS Documentation Hub

Thank you for the response, but this does not help me.
I read through the documentation and I have taken screenshots of my settings and backed up the config.

I am running an EXTREMELY basic setup… no fancy plugins, only 1 jail that isn’t working (that I’m hoping to recreate and move the metadata over) a couple of SMB shares setup and a few user setups.

Nothing else. (no encryption, no cron jobs etc.)

All I need to know is the update train to get to 13.0 to try use dan’s script…

Either that or someone that is willing to assist me with some steps.

So far…
I was on 11.0-U4 Updated to 11.2-U1 - No issue
Updated from 11.2-U1 to 11.2-U8 - No issue

I then tried updating to 13.0-release - Having network issues.

I have a Intel PCIe NIC installed as the onboard one is dead, its been configured and running fine. up until the 13.0 update.
If I switch my monitor to the HP Micro server, The settings appear to be the same from the previous version/setup when I check the configs on the console, but the nic isnt coming up.
Its saying “The web interface could not be accessed.”

If I reconfigure the netwok interfaces from the onsole, and put in the IP and subnet, then it says Restarting network failed
Im not using DHCP, have a static IP set.

any advice.