Upgraded from 12.0-U8.1 -> 13.0-U6.1 datasets show empty

I upgraded from 12.0-U8.1 → 13.0-U6.1

When looking at the GUI I see the datasets and space used just as before, but if I go to the cli the datasets show empty. If I try and change permissions in the GUI it gives me:

Error: [EFAULT] [path] null not allowed (even though the path is there in cli)

Have I lost everything? Should I revert? TIA

whats the output of zfs list -d 0 -o used,mountpoint

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Probably folders with the same name as the datasets.

zfs list -d 0 -o used,mountpoint

3.70G none
69.8T /mnt/repotank

I have been digging, and I found that none of my datasets are mounted. By doing a ZFS mount, then unmount, then mount again - I can finally cd /mnt/repotank/ and see my data but neither nfs or smb shares show anything except “This folder is empty”

Thank you!

Looks like for some reason Tnas 13 is not mounting my volumes. Should I upgrade the filesystem? I was afraid to do that in case I need to fall back to 12.0.

No don’t do that, we need to figure out why its not mounting. When you unmount the pool, do you have any content in the folder /mnt/repotank?

When I unmount I am left with what I started with on reboot.

zfs list -d 0 -o used,mountpoint

3.70G none
69.8T /mnt/repotank

A standard zfs list shows the basic system services:

repotank/.system /var/db/system
repotank/.system/cores /var/db/system/cores
repotank/.system/samba4 /var/db/system/samba4
repotank/.system/syslog-4ac1284ebed34cc7a334eddc730c1ce2 /var/db/system/syslog-4ac1284ebed34cc7a334eddc730c1ce2
repotank/.system/rrd-4ac1284ebed34cc7a334eddc730c1ce2 /var/db/system/rrd-4ac1284ebed34cc7a334eddc730c1ce2
repotank/.system/configs-4ac1284ebed34cc7a334eddc730c1ce2 /var/db/system/configs-4ac1284ebed34cc7a334eddc730c1ce2
repotank/.system/webui /var/db/system/webui
repotank/.system/services /var/db/system/services

Just to close this out - the reason my datasets would not mount is because they were marked as “read only” - inherited from a “replication”. v13 is more strict. I had to strip all the ACL’s and now the data is freely accessible. And everything mounts.

Live and learn.

This is why TrueNAS is NOT a drop in replacement for a Windows file system … I only use it for backups. Netapp is STILL the king. Sick of iX reps trying to get me to buy this stiff … so many bugs … so many issues.

And before anyone says “VNX works” - please understand that EMC VNX is just windows CORE with a tiny Linux kernel managing it. Yes, it is Microsoft.

38 years in the storage business and I learn something new every day.

I will say that TrueNAS NFS is great - I have switched to NFS for all my Veeam mounts and it is 3x faster and more reliable.