Version of PaperLess-NGX in TrueNAS or TrueCharts

I’m looking to install PaperLess-NGX. What is the difference between the PaperLess-NGX found in the TrueNAS catalog versus the one found in TrueCharts?

The Truecharts version will have many more options to configure and customize (although the defaults are usually pretty sane)

The basic difference is that Truecharts apps are maintained by a separate team, while the TrueNAS catalog is maintained by IX and community members.

There are other differences such as

  1. Truecharts apps can use any port, while TrueNAS apps can only do 9000+

  2. Truecharts can be integrated with Traefik for secure SSL with valid certs


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Sure I realized there were a ton of additional options when looking at boot packages. Eventually be able to reach my NAS and it’s services externally may be interesting, so I should probably focus on the Charts version I guess. First time I hear about Traefik, so I’ll take a look at it.

I did a few tests with the TrueNAS version, but realized that some parameters are fixed in stone, for example, the directory choices, even if I stop the processes. Is it possible to change these without having to uninstall and reinstall from scratch?