Vm network does not work since installing docker

I have a debian vm and after installing jailmaker/docker it no longer talks to the network. The version of docker that the script installed is 26.0.2
How do I remove docker?
Could it be this version? how can I downgrade to a previous version?

I figured out how to uninstall it. Fixed it. I suspect it was the docker iptables. Docker adds a pile to iptables.

Apparently, docker 26.0.2 broke things. Downgrading to 26.0.1 fixes things.


Thanks, good to know. Thank you for figuring that out. I have it back working now by doing the removal of docker. I think right now I will wait until Truenas has built in support for jailmaker and docker. I hope they will put it in their gui soon. The APPS/kubernetes process is way too complicated and cumbersom. I realize that it is a state of the art product but it left a lot of experimenter types in the dust when they changed from the old 'core" way.