Which of the sharing settings makes more sense?

truenasta sharing settings

  1. setting via dataset (advanced acl settings available in this)

  2. Sharing can be done by creating SMB folders from the Share section. Only basic sharing options are available here. (read, write, full control)

For both sharing and snapshot and other settings that I don’t know yet; -

Is it more logical to create a dataset and create smb folders (departments) within it, or to create a separate dataset for each department? I hope I could explain.

There is not difference in Filesystem ACL editor options whether you try to manage a directory within a dataset or the root of a dataset. Filesystem ACLs are associated with files and directories and are present regardless of where you interact with the file tree.

Generally, you want to manipulate filesystem ACLs rather than share ACLs because the FS ACL will always be evaluated. The share ACL can only make permissions on the SMB share more restrictive (never less).

I couldn’t understand it clearly, probably due to the lack of translation. Can you elaborate a little?

to users,
-Creating a data set for each department (e.g. creating 10 data sets)

-Or create 1 data set and create 10 SMB shares in it…

Which one does your experience suggest is better?