3 Pools on Netapp DS4246 Causing Issues

I’m not sure to be frank…The other people Ive spoken to are also using netapps, so maybe? But I’d hesitate to buy new hardware for this issue when CORE seems to function properly. This still reeks of a software/OS issue to me.

I just cant run my setup on Core is the issue

Damn. Sadly ix doesn’t seem interested in fixing this issue. I would be curious to see if another jbod would work without issue on this, but I suspect itll be more of the same to be frank.

I might suggest trying rootdelays in the kernel params, or maybe tweaking grub. I don’t know that it will work, but at this point I am out of ideas…Please keep me posted

One thing I’d love to try if I had the hardware would be to try making 3 pools with a single disk on a netapp to see if it still breaks.

So I have a second R620 I had intended to use as a baremetal host for another truenas install (migrate my primary to it), and for fun I installed truenas 23.10 on there in a mirror across 2 ssds. I then created 3 1-disk pools (All internal, using the H310 flashed to IT mode), and it seems to work fine.

Unfortunately I do not have another jbod to test with here. One other thing I want to try is actually plugging in the second power supplies to the JBOD and Dell Server…Will that make a meaningful difference? Probably not, but I am straight up out of things to try lol

I found a thread on Reddit regarding something similar happening with an ubuntu server…I am curious if this is some kind of upstream Debian issue with enclosures…


I took my netapp out of service put in a supermicro (EL1) single channel backplane jbod issue is now resolved…

I needed the additional disk slots anyway