Addiing Truenas SCALE do domain

I want add Truenas to domain in my company. when i adding i got error with code: [EFAULT] kinit with principal [] failed: Using specified cache: /var/run/middleware/krb5cc_0 Using principal: [] kinit: Client '[]' not found in Kerberos database while getting initial credentials.
And i got status joining. After restart service i got status healthy, but got errors:
*Error:** [EFAULT] (8, 'WBC_ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE: wbcListGroups failed', '../../nsswitch/py_wbclient.c:483')
and now when i press wbinfo -u i see all my domain users but when i press wbinfo -g i got error:

failed to call wbcListGroups: WBC_ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE
Error looking up domain groups

my truenas dont see any domain groups.

Is your DNS configured to pointing at your domain controller?

We got 3 domain controllers in same domain. Yes I configured DNS to pointing to domain controller.