Dashboard won't load after a few hours

Hi guys,
After many year lying dormant, I’ve managed to install TrueNAS Core onto my old HP Datavault X510/Mediaserver EX495.
It’s running just fine on 2GB RAM believe it or not.
if I leave it running overnight and then try to log into the dashboard in the morning, it won’t connect. I enter username and password and it just hangs.
I can access files on PLEX and using SAMBA, just can’t connect to the dashboard.

A slight complication is that these boxes were headless, so no video connection to access the BIOS.

Any ideas? Or do I simply power down every night?
Thanks in advance

Your system is most likely memory starved. there’s a reason why 8gb is the bare miminum required without running services like plex on it. My guess would be that the system kills of processes to free memory and therefore kills off part of the webui.


My 4GiB TrueNAS Scale install is stable,

Screenshot 2024-06-24 at 7.08.00 PM

and only has SSH and SMART services running.

Notice, 2.1GiB is used for services.

2GiB is enough to boot, but not enough to run stably once some of the maintenance tasks kick in.

You may get away with 3GiB, but please try at least 4GiB

Remembering that 8GiB is the official minimum, and allows you to run some actual file sharing services!

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Thank you so much STUX and LarsR :slightly_smiling_face: .

I’ll try an upgrade to 4GB and see if that helps. I only want to the simplest of services such as SAMBA, as my Plex server runs on another NAS.