Intel Killer E3100G not working

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased an ASRock B550 PG Riptide moederbord for an simple Truenas build. I bought it mostly because of its built in Intel 2.5GbE (Killer E3100G). However, Truenas does not recognize the network controller.

I did some research before hand and I did see that Truenas does not work nicely with Realtek network controllers.

Is there anything i can do to get the Intel network controller working or do I have to buy an Intel i225 v3?

Any information would be appreciated.

Since you tagged this post with ‘CORE’ I guess best bet would be to see if Scale supports it. Generally better driver support on Scale.

Otherwise? Likely SOL.

The “Killer” branding is highly suspicious and all 2.5 GbE NICs are known to have issues, even the latest Intel i226.
Better get a X540/X710, Chelsio T520 or Solarflare NIC.

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I will indeed try install Scale and see whether or not that fixes the issue.

Otherwise I will look into the X540, X710, T520 or Solarflare