Komga: Dataset won't show up when trying to add a Library

Hello there fellow TrueNAS SCALE community,

I am very new to the whole TrueNAS world, so maybe I am missing something very basic here - actually, I’d prefer that. :slight_smile:

I installed Komga 1.11.1 over a TrueNAS SCALE Dragonfish- installation. When on the Komga “Web portal”, when I click the “Add Library” button, a pop-up appears, that proposes a “Browse” button to select the Library’s root folder. My problem here is that the datasets just won’t show up when browsing: the folder I want to add is in a subfolder of /mnt/nas/share, where “nas” is a dataset mounted on /mnt/nas. That dataset is accessible by other means, e.g. over a SMB share, or a shell. Yet it won’t appear when browsing, trying to add a Library in Komga.

So… What could I be missing here?

Thanks for any help!