Low Power SFF 1U Backup Server

I have recently purchased Supermicro AS-5019D-FTN4 for building a low power backup system for my primary TrueNAS Box. This Barebones can accommodate 2x SATA SSDs alongside 1x Full Length, Half Height PCIe Card and 1x on-board M.2 NVMe Gen-3 stick.

This server appliance will primarily contain all ZFS replication of my most valuable datasets and run 1x VM of Proxmox Backup Server (to create an off-site replication to a zvol that will be added to the VM)

For the PCIe AOC I will be adding 1x Asus Hyper M.2 x16 Gen-3 Card which will provide me with total 5x M.2 NVMe Gen-3 slots (after Bifurcation) giving me room for 5-wide RAIDZ2 pool. And 2x SATA SSDs in MIRROR.

Use Case (in detail):

  1. SATA Pool (MIRROR):
    a. Contain ZVOL for PBS VM Storage (current setup utilises 400GB)
    b. Target for 2TB (for future headroom)

  2. NVME Pool (RAIDZ2):
    a. Contain shares for Local NAS requirements.
    b. Contain ZVOL for PBS VM OS (64GB is sufficient)
    c. Contain ZFS Replication of Critical Datasets.

Any suggestions on the M.2 NVMe Gen-3 sticks and SATA SSDs? I would like cheaper options without sacrificing too much on the performance. Performance isn’t the utmost priority (as this is just another Backup node), but power consumption and cost is.

What are you planning to use as a boot device?

I’ll be using 1x 64GB Supermicro Sata DOM for TrueNAS Scale which the motherboard supports (yellow SATA port)

Great choice! I just wanted to make sure you understood the necessity of a dedicated boot device.

Surely, this will be my 5th TrueNAS build. Understood, the need of proper boot disk after 2nd deployment :sweat_smile:

P.S. - Please suggest some Disks as mentioned in the original query.

Is 2 TB per stick enough? I have really good experience with the Samsung 970 EVO Plus line. The 2 TB model has got a TBW value of 1200.

I have not yet tried the successor model(s) because according to early reviews they play more tricks with cache flash and the controller and might actually be worse for continuous writes for example.

I’ve considered a few options,
for SATA SSDs I have been considering 3 Options: Samsung 870 EVO 2TB, Crucial MX500 2TB or Silicon Power A58 2TB; Out of these 3 I have had good experience with Samsungs and they donot fail (not until something went south), no experince with Crucial and mixed experience with Silicon Power. For some reason here in India, Samsung Prices have doubled, so that also counts.

As far as NVMe SSDs, I’ve been eyeing the WD Blue SN580, decent Gen-4 Speeds (will easily saturate my Gen-3 Slots) and fairly priced. Samsung 970 Eva Plus line is extinct in my region and 980 Gen-3 is very rarely found.