Noobie Looking for Hardware advise

I’ve been wanted to build a TrueNAS box for a while, and my QNAP just went belly up and don’t want to deal with another propriotry NAS. So I started to look around for a good motherboard and cpu to start with. But first thought of asking here.

My goal with the TrueNAS is primarily to be used as a NAS for network shares, part of my backup plan for computers, and to store my media that is access over nfs from another server running plex.

With that in mind, my idea build would be able to support at least x8 3.5 SATA drives, where I current will only use 2 drive for now, but would like to be able to expand in the near feature. I would also like to keep the power consumption down since it will run 24/7.

I found this Motherboard/CPU Combo: Topton - AMD Ryzen 7 8845HS 9 7940HS 9-Bay NAS Motherboard, but I don’t know if everything is has would work properly for TrueNas. What I do like about it is that its power conceptions would be no more then 50W in theory, it support 8 SATA drive and has 2.5G NICs.

So, with that idk if anyone can confirm if that is a good Motherboard/CPU Combo or if I should look at something else for hardware and if so, can anyone suggest something close to that of the Topton board?

Greatly appreciate any help and advise I can get.


You will need to pick between enterprise/prosumer hardware (and usually larger power consumption) or consumer hardware. I don’t think anyone here will specifically recommend consumer hardware. It does run, but it’s not the standard use case.

For the money you spend on buying new consumer-grade gear, you could buy an older server/workstaiton that would suffice. It’d be two or three generations old (depending on market), so it will use 1.5-2x more power, but it would also be much a cheaper outlay.

So will a Ryzen 7 work? Yes, but not recommended. Will ECC RAM work on it? Maybe, you’ll be finding out. I personally wouldn’t spend the money on new consumer-grade gear for a hobby NAS, the value prop is poor… Better off just buying from IX.

At two disks, I’d be looking for a HP microserver or Dell 5820 (with Xeon/ECC) with PCIE to expand to a JBOD/fibre. If use case changes to desiring hyperconvergence, you’d be better off with a full blown server.

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Neither do we because we do not know how these 9 SATA ports (weird number…) are wired (chipset, or external controller). The 2.5 GbE NICs are not great (all of them). There’s no IPMI. And I would not be fully confident about ECC support, not to mention finding ECC SO-DIMM.

In short, there’s nothing I like about this board.

Is mini-ITX size important?

For low power, go Atom C3000 or Xeon D-1500.
C3558 up to 8 drives (Supermicro A2SDi-4C-HLN4F).
C3758 up to 12 drives (A2SDi-H-TF A2SDi-8C-HLN4F).
Beyond 12 drives, D-1500 and a SAS HBA. For pure storage, a D-1508 or D-1518 would do; get more cores if the NAS is to further run aps/VMs. An all-in-one solution would be a Supermicro X10SDV-4C-TP4F (-TP8F) or AsRockRack D1541D4U-2T8R (-2O8R); otherwise just any X10SDV board and a HBA card.

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So nothing great…

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Thank you for taking some time on giving me feedback and some recommendation. I do agree with you, and it seems for just about the same amount of money "I can get a board with IPMI, count me in.

Looking at the A2SDi-H-TF and A2SDi-8C-HLN4F seems to be exactly what I’m looking for. :smile: and with 10GbE that is sweet!