PCIE Passthrough "unavailable" after VM restart

This issue seems to be repeatable for me. I am passing through my GPU to my ubuntu VM, and it works without much issue. Its not often, but if I need to restart my VM (using the truenas GUI) my PCIE device passthrough will become “unavailable” and my VM will fail to start. The only way to reset, is if I fully restart Truenas. The GPU is isolated so nothing else should be using it. I’ve also tried de-isolating, and re-isolating but nothing will allow my GPU to be available for device passthrough until I restart the system. Is this a bug, or can I fix this behavior?

What is your GPU? I have seen similar behavior in the past due to a buggy GPU firmware.
Do you get any error related to that in the logs?

GPU is a GTX 1080. I dont see anything directly related in the logs. It does provide an error message when I try to start the VM, but this error seemed related to the fact that the PCI passthrough device specified for the VM is listed as “Unavailable”. I did upgrade my mobo firmware recently, and I dont recall this being an issue before, but I am not sure.