Plex set up - could not see dataset and shared SMB

Hi After setting up Plex, I could not see any dataset and folders, could any one advise on this please.

are you running on CORE or SCALE?

Scale bro.

The issue is i am not getting server option to set up directory.

in app setup
Add additional storage and map in your media


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dataset is SMB share.

Anyways, I did the above set up, but I am getting this error when I click on web portal

@Imran, add /web to your URI after host:port. Seems an odd quirk, but fixed the UI issue for me, after much frustration I came across an old post elsewhere that described the fix.

@HPnerdboy thanks a lot. it worked.

But now I am getting another error.

could not be able to add media

I think we’d need to see screenshots of your Plex app configuration details and more info about specific version of SCALE you are running. It could have to do with the file permissions and ownership of the SMB volume you passed to the Plex app? I’m just working through this process myself for the first time and have the Plex app running on my new Dragonfish- server, so I may not be of much help. The app instance doesn’t seem to support PCIe TV tuner cards so I am going to try running Plex inside an Linux VM where I can use PCIe passthrough for both my graphics and TV tuner cards.

I had same issues until I figured out …or stumbled through rather … the file permissions

The main storage settings didn’t get seen by Plex but my additional storage did … so I re-added my primary media source location to the additional storage area and then Plex can now see both … so I don’t know, lol …it’s working anyways