Time to do hardware upgrade? - X10SL7-F issue

I started here…

I got to the point where I have disks ready, ready to setup everything. But… I couldn’t get into BIOS. I got all hardware prepped, 2x SSDs for boot, inserted USB with ISO and… I couldn’t control via IPMI

I am not sure why is that, I have latest firmware, I have latest IPMI (3.88) and I have mouse and screen just fine. But no keyboard. So I can’t get to BIOS to get it booted from USB.

Any suggestion? I searched and got some pointers to bad IPMI, but I tried downgrade to 3.66 and same thing.

Basically neither my keyboard neither virtual keyboard not working. I can see it because it boots from one of the SSDs (with Windows) and gets to login screen. I se mouse pointer but no KB