Web Page and Shares inaccesible

Hi - system has been running fine for around a week. Running latest version of Truenas Scale.

Now experiencing an issue where the webpage is inaccessible (https://LAN IP). If I reboot the system manually, wait for it to boot, the webpage comes back and functions as expected to around 5-10 minutes, and then goes back to being inaccessible.

All the time, apps work (Plex server etc) and I can ping the system.

It’s on a static IP and the address is reserved by the router.

The only thing I’ve changed since this worked flawlessly is install a new GPU but I’m not quite seeing how that might be causing this issue.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

It’s the same error you get when a device is offline; webpage could not be reached (browser error, it doesn’t even get to the NAS). I’ve tried clearing cache and tried different browsers. As everything is still up I’m assuming this is software

I’m still able to access it over the web via port forwarding.

Several people have now said they are experiencing it (myself included) - sometimes weeks before it hangs, sometimes hours. Mostly reboots fine, but occasionally I find that the boot device has lost its GPT Primary Partition Table and I have to restore it (on another Linux system) from the Backup Partition Table using gdisk.

So the logical conclusion to draw here would be that this is operating system? Do you think this is likely something that will be patched?

It’s also preventing me from accessing SMB shares

There is no logical conclusion to draw here. We have insufficient data.

When my system hangs I can do a network ping just fine but SMB and Plex and TN UI are all inaccessible. Pressing the power button to initiate a soft shutdown doesn’t work either. Only a hard power reset works.

Given that pings still work, the O/S would seem still to be up rather than crashed - but something low level is still preventing the power button initiated shutdown from working. So my guess (and it is no more than that) is that some (or perhaps all) underlying services have crashed including whatever monitors the ACPI power button event.

Have either of you opened a ticket on this behavior?
If not, please include your system debug by using the private attachment area link Jira sends to you in the ticket confirmation. Link that upload to your Jira issue report. This allows us to keep the ticket public so others can track progress of the issue if they are having a similar problem.