Deluge: downloads not starting, permissions to datasets granted

Hello all,

I’m running into what appears to be a common problem, however based on the infomation I’m seeing I’m unsure what I’m doing wrong. I have a Deluge application running within a docker on TrueNAS SCALE. I granted this application access to a “Torrenting” dataset that contained 3 sub-datasets. when configured it looks like deluge made “apps” the owner of this dataset.

Within the Deluge shell I can see these three sub-datasets. within the web-UI I then configured it to look at these 3 datasets (apps is the owner of these as well).

I’m getting a few kb of up and down, but the downloads will quickly stall out. Per prior forum posts this appeared to be an issue with dataset permissions, but all permissions look good to me. Can anyone please advise?

p.s. Other apps running on the same machine can access the internet

So turns out everything was configured correctly, and my torrents just had bad paths. reloading the torrents fixed everything.