Multiple FS in one pool

I use to operate a arch linux based ZFS NAS as the RAID controller wasn´t supported by trueNAS. It apparently now is but I used to have multiple ZFS accross one zpool. How do I replicate that with TrueNAS? I can only create a pool and shares in that pool not fs (mkfile)

RAID controller? :fearful:

ZFS datasets are filesystems. There is no external tool, nor additional filesystem software.

ZFS is ZFS. The redundancy, integrity, encryption, checksums, compression, filesystems, block-devices, etc. Unlike traditional methods, you don’t bolt one thing on top of another, such as mdadm + LUKS + ext4.

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I really don’t know what you mean by this. If you mean multiple datasets, TrueNAS does that too–it offers to automatically create a dataset when you create a share, or you can also create them separately. You can also create zvols, which are virtual block devices that you can either share using iSCSI or use as a virtual disk for a VM. But “multiple ZFS across one pool” just doesn’t make much sense to me.

I don´t know what datasets are. I’d love a reference to ZFS nomenclature.

what does TrueNas call

It calls them “pools”

ZFS doesn’t have anything called a “volume.”

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well not zfs but the one trueNAS is using. I intimately know zfs

what do you call:

zpool create pool
zfs create pool/fs

If that were true, you’d know what a dataset is. Datasets are a standard ZFS structure; not something unique to TrueNAS.

“Call” it? I don’t call it anything. It’s the CLI command to create a pool. In TrueNAS, you’d ordinarily do this through the GUI instead.

That looks like the command to create a dataset. Again, it would ordinarily be done through the GUI.

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this one

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Interesting choice, pretty old but not a hardware raid controller (which is good) but according to this 2005 data sheet a “cost-effective 4-port Serial ATA adapter with SATA 3Gb/s drive support for motherboards with a PCI interface”.

In this documentation, Oracle seems to call datasets filesystems?!

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Be that as it may,

Thanks. yeah after a bit of experiment creating various stuff I agree that that is the case. In the ArchlLinux stint I relied heavily on the oracle docs. But have the setup I needed

Yeah, I had it in a Archlinux box for as long as I cannot remember. But Arch updates are a pain as ZFS AUR package updatest are spotty.I was happily surprised to find out the controller is (now) supported.