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So, i’m having CRS504-4XQ-IN Switch and Intel XL710-DA2 NIC. Can anyone recommend me the right cable and the transceivers? The distance is like more than 10 metres.


Decided I didn’t know what I was talking about

Is the Intel nic a X710-DA2 or a XL710-QDA2? Verify the information on the nic and get the information from Intel on compatibility of transceivers. Intel usually wants Intel or requires it to function. You need to check on MikroTik information on the transceiver compatibility.

What speed were you attempting to connect at also. You are going to be choosing between MMF, multi mode fiber or SMF, single mode fiber for that short distance of 10 meters. Transceivers need to match the form factor. Form factors and speed drive the fiber cable choices.

You might take a peek at for their reviews on your switch. It might help you with connection options.

No worries

Yes, its QDA2. I do have the transceivers. But i don’t know which cable or transceiver i should use on the switch side. The switch has no vendor lock.

How much more than 10m? you can get active DAC cables that can do that distance…

check out if you need to, even contact them and they will tell you exactly what you need.

Don’t want to use DAC due to its cable width. Have been using Fiber and i’m more used to it.

I do have E40GQSFPSR but i’m not sure if i can install it in switch or would need a different transceiver on the switch side. @ericloewe @etorix @dan Can you guys please help?


MikroTik switches not being vendor-locked should mean that you can use any QFSP28/QSFP+ module, including your E40GQSFPSR.
The cable would be MPO patch cable of the suitable sub-standard for the module.

In doubt, ask your local branch of


Nope. Pinging people who aren’t involved in a thread is generally considered bad form.

Cheap (<10 buck apiece) used 100GBase-LR QSFP28 modules are still a thing on eBay, right? Can’t compete with that.

Just buy extras, the first-gen modules die a lot.


So, it means just like i can use SFP28 module in my SFP+ port, the same way i can use the QSFP+ module in QSFP28 port?

I get ya. Was looking for some help :slight_smile:

I need SR. But what do you mean by first gen modules here?

Just reach out to They also have a blog to learn from
It is a company that users have had success buying transceivers, etc from.
Give them the info on your Intel nic, transceiver and switch and see what they recommend for connection options.


Geez, that makes things a lot harder… Can’t you just run pre-terminated single mode patches?

Sorry to say, but i’m unable to understand. Do you mean i should use DAC instead of fiber?

No, he likely means pre-terminated fibre, like the kind (among others) will sell you.

Pre-terminated example, note the blue ends that are ready to go into a transceiver of your choice:

Unterminated fibre often come in spools so you can cut the length you need. Obviously they have no connector to push into the transceiver and you would need specialist knowledge and tools to sort that part. It’s much harder than crimping your own Cat5e.

A DAC is sort of like the the cable and two transceivers all-in-one. Great when you have a shorter run since they typically end up much cheaper and power efficient but lack the same kind of reach, has a good primer on it.

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Note that @Fastline has a 4-ports QSFP28 switch (100 Gb/s), a 40 Gb/s NIC and matching QSFP+ optics.
The compatible module from FS is MTP/MPO-12, so I’ll go out on a limb and assume that the matching patch cable is something like this:

I’m unsure if it should be type A or type B, though.


I see, thanks for the clarification.

That looks like a pretty expensive way of connecting those units.