Pools online but connot import

My pool status says “Online” and says it can be imported, but on import it says “2095 is not a valid Error” and when I type “zpool import -f [name]” it says “insufficient replicas Destroy and re-create the pool from a backup source.” and when I type “zpool import -f -F [name]” it says “I/O error Destroy and re-create the pool from a backup source.”
Anybody can help me? very thanks. 73.

An unexpected power failure caused the array information of the raid card to be lost causing the virtual disk on the truenas to go offline and reimport with problems

lsi 2208
4 disk raid 5
1 virtual disk for truenas

This approach with raid card then a virtual disk is known to cause data loss.

If you have a backup, then perhaps its time to restore.

It might seem very tempting to use some alternative brand of HBA or RAID controller that you happen to “have handy”, but the problem is that you will be on your own private little adventure. Things might seem to work fine, until one day something bad happens. And then you might be outta luck. Some RAID cards do things like encapsulating their JBOD VD’s in a partition, making it effectively impossible to plug the drives into a SATA port or LSI HBA.


thanks! but i didn’t backup it :( ok but How do I modify this to prevent the same thing from happening? Also I’ve rebuilt the array information and the disks are back to normal, I managed to read out the data just now, but while reading it broke a disk I re-made that disk back to normal, but after that everything went bad.

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The disks need to be provide to TrueNAS directly with no RAID in the way.

If they are SATA then maybe with motherboard sata ports.

If that’s not possible , then the recommended approach is to use an LSI HBA in IT Mode.

Perhaps your current card can be flashed to IT Mode. I’m not sure.

okay but I really need these data… Are they gone forever?

Thought you had the array back?

But after that there was this problem…

I reached the limit of new users…

Pretty much, yes. That’s what backups are for. ZFS or non ZFS raid is not a backup.