Scale Installation Crash

Hi, I have just purchased a Terramaster T6 423 Nas, it has a N5095 Quad Core CPU. I have upgraded the Ram to Kingston Fury 16 GB 2666 DDR 4 CL15 Memory and 2 x Kingston NVMe.

I used Balena Etcher to create the boot onto a usb and connected it. I started the installation and it booted up to the installation, I chose one of the NVMe as a boot drive and it then gave me a choice to use 16gb swap partition and then create admin password. This all went well and it started to install but when it got to 60% it just crashed and re booted, I tried it 3 or 4 times and the same happened each time.
Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?


Did you verify the iso you downloaded via shasum?

A memory issue? Run a memtest

A cooling issue could cause a restart.

Is there a fan in the system? Is it running?

Some of these NAS units use software fan control which is non-functional when running non oem software.

Maybe there is a bios setting to set the fan on full?


Thanks for the reply, I changed the ram and NVMe to a different brand and it’s all setup now, must have been a compatibility issue as you suggested.


Do you have a watchdog setting in the bios? If so try turning it off as that kicks in when installing any other OS other than then native one.

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