TRUENAS-MINI-3.0-X does not see SATA Drives after BIOS Upgrade


I know I know, why upgrade the bIOS, well, here we are.
I upgraded the BIOS of my Mini to the Manufacturers latest Version (I guess ixSystems had their custom firmare)
Now after rebooting, the BIOS doesn’t show the SATA Drives, only the Flashdrive which at least lets me boot into TrueNAS Scale.
Do you guys know what I should do? I did a “reset to defaults” with the BIOS as well, no joy.

The Mainboard is an ASRock C3558D4I-4L


For those of you that end up in the same situation. The ASRock BIOS needs to be set to a different “Switch Board” Configuration.
The new default would be “config 1” That doesn’t give you the SATA Drives. I’ve chosen “config 6” and that did the trick.

Find the settings in “Advanced → Chipset”

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We do indeed. Glad you got this resolved (in the sense that your drives are accessible again) but for clarification of others reading - please don’t apply an OEM or non-iX BIOS to a TrueNAS Mini system.